The Second Year in Review

Porco RossoJapanPowered turns 2 this month! I started the project to support the local manga/anime club at the library. As these things go, the club went one way and the blog went the other. While I enjoy watching anime time to time, I didn’t think I was a large enough fan to write regularly about it. Surprisingly, I found it easy and quite enjoyable.

I admit that I am not as engaging as I should be with the blogsphere. I can plead time constraints since I work full time, freelance as a web programmer, started work on a comic, and starting a graduate degree. However, it is a hollow argument since it only takes a few moments to read a post and comment. As a new member of the anime blogging community, I am a wallflower (much like I am in real life!).

I started working with a link advertiser this year to help pay for my hosting. I plan on keeping the links and ads to a minimum. My host is pretty inexpensive so it doesn’t take much for the blog to pay for itself.

So, anyway, JP has become much more successful than I expected for being just years old. Thanks to you!

Most Popular PostKawaii Kittens

The most popular post for the year is the post I did about kawaii. I briefly explained what it is and tried to induce a cute coma with images. I think the images are what made this post popular as opposed to my writing.



Other than the plush Pikachu, this is a good Ashe. Pity someone can't make a lifelike pikachu somehow.

Most Discussed Post

My breakdown on the 10 Most Influential Anime in America really struck a cord with many people and not always a good cord.  I based my list on a simple premise: is the anime considered an anime? The less it is considered anime, a rather niche medium in America, the more influential it was.


Samurai ChamplooMy Favorite Post

I enjoyed looking at the ending for Samurai Champloo this most this year. I recently re-watched the series; the ending still leaves an impression with me despite seeing it four times now.



Shout Out

I’d like to give a thanks to Canne over at Canne’s Anime Review Blog, Yi at Listless Ink, and Yumeka at Mainichi Anime Yume for inspiration in my foray into the anime blogsphere. Arigato gozaimasu!

My goals for this year are to improve my writing and be more engaging. Hopefully, I will be able to produce something worth reading and following.

I look forward to the next year!


  • Happy Birthday Japan Powered!

    As a writer for the blog myself, I hope to bring my own flavor to the readers! I’ll continue bringing my own topics and will try to bring you the best convention coverage I can from conventions I attend around Ohio (watch for my coverage of Ohayocon 2013 sometime in February!).

    • I appreciate your coverage of the Cons, Zach. With some luck, I may be able to take time off for one of the conventions coming up this year.

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