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Come and Sleep: The Folklore of the Japanese Fox bookCome and Sleep: The Folklore of the Japanese Fox

Ideal wife and sexual vampire. Prankster and saint. Tree and train. The Japanese fox left her paw-print on Japanese culture. She challenges traditional, negative views of women. She brings harmony and division. She possesses and protects. She is the shape of Japan’s soul. Discover why the fox is Japan’s most storied animal.

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Under the Cherry Blossoms An Introduction to Japanese Tree FolkloreUnder the Cherry Blossoms: An Introduction to Japanese Tree Folklore

Murder. Love. Sacrifice. From stories about a willow who falls in love with a human to an old samurai who kills himself so his beloved tree can live, Japanese folklore venerates trees. Beyond the sakura, the famous cherry tree, Japanese farmers told stories about the trees that welcomed them home and supported every aspect of their lives. Trees not only support our lives by providing building materials, food, and warmth, but they also teach us how to be human.

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Tanuki: The Folklore of Japan's Trickster bookTanuki: The Folklore of Japan’s Trickster

Once a vicious creature, the tanuki changed into a comical creature loved by Japanese children. He is the master of disguise. If only his intelligence was as sharp. Powered by his super stretchy scrotum, the tanuki leads us into a strange world of belly thumping, singing, and pranks.

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