Canaan is an anime that acts as a sequel to the video game 428: Fusa Sareta Shibuya de. Which explains why I felt a little lost watching this 13 episode series. The show opens with Maria Osawa being rescued by a white haired girl named Canaan as her way to become a photographer for the freelance journalist Minoru Minorikawa. Maria knows Canaan from the video game’s events 2 years before.

Minoru is obsessed with uncovering the story behind the bio-terrorism attack both he and Maria survived 2 years before. He discovers a strange purple mark on the assassins that Canaan dispatched protecting Maria. His curiosity puts Maria and himself between Canaan and her rival Alphard.

There were times when I was lost watching this anime. Partially it was because it is a sequel to a video game and partly because I was watching this show late at night. I dozed through parts of episodes.

Canaan yuri

Canaan surprised me with the overt yuri elements. Maria and Canaan are definitely more than friends. Late in the series, Maria even tells Canaan she wants to sleep with her instead of at her hotel. You can take that line as more than innocent considering they were holding hands just moments before. There are other elements of sexuality. Particularly with Liang Qi.

Canaan’s action is fast and nicely animated. The scenes are realistically short. When you are dealing with skilled assassins and high powered weapons, someone is going to get killed quickly!

For being a “girls with guns” themed anime, Canaan was interesting. There is some fan service but it isn’t gratuitous. The characters were interesting and often messed up. Necrolagnia anyone?

Canaan is worth a watch at just 13 episodes. The story isn’t complex, but it is interesting enough to keep my attention.