Demon King Daimao

Akuto Sai just can’t do anything right. Girls misunderstand him and think him perverse. Even simple magic exercises end with a crater and shredded clothing. Akuto just wants to become the High Priest so he can help people. However, his first day attending Constan Magical Academy crushes his dream. During a placement test he is labeled “Demon King.”

The Demon King commands demon beasts and ravages the peaceful civilization. Every 100 years one appears along with the Hero that puts him down. To put it mildly just about everyone in the school is terrified of Akuto except his surveillance agent Korone (a girl android that keeps him in line), Junko Hattori (Akuto’s frienemy), Keina Soga (a constant friend who spends a lot of her time nude), Hiroshi Miwa (Akuto self styled younger brother), and Fujiko Eto ( a black mage who is trying to become Akuto’s dark wife).

Demon King Daimao is a comedy. In other words, there is a lot of awkward sexuality, boobs, upskirt shots, and other sexual suggestion. Strangely enough, despite these elements, I found the anime somewhat charming. Akuto grew tired of the many women trying to seduce him because of his unwanted title. The characters are varied and interesting…if a little odd. Junko is has tsundere tendencies toward Akuto. I enjoy the process of a cold character warming up to another.

Korone trying to help Akuto discover his sexual preferences.

The main story arc is a tangled mess. There is a lot of action in the late part of the series. There is even a superhero called Brave who acts a lot like Ironman. Despite this, the final few episodes feel abrupt and confused with the resolution. Akuto seeks to protect the freedom of people to choose their own way against a system that forces people into certain roles. That system is subtly revealed throughout the early part of the show. Every student is pushed into the placement the tests verdict despite their wishes. Akuto resents that on an ever increasing scale.

This anime delves into the question of God. Namely, it looks into God as a man made system that doesn’t represent the reality of God. Instead people worship an idea, a story, in ways that hurt other people and their freedom. That is about as deep as this anime gets. It’s actually an interesting take on a common theme thrown into anime storylines.

Junko is my favorite character. Strong yet feminine, and one of the few with more normal views of propriety.

The sexual awkwardness wears thin after awhile; although I found the “they are not going there…wow they did” scenes funny despite myself.  The characters are quirky and appealing. A little too busty and nude but that is expected with this genre. It’s a harem comedy. There is a lot of flashy action that is only fairly animated. The mouth movements didn’t match very well with the English dub.

Demon King Daimao is just entertaining. It doesn’t try to be much else.