Legend of the Legendary Heroes

legend-of-the-legendary-heroesEvery so often I come across an anime that I just can’t finish. Sometimes the anime is too violent for my taste; other times it is too silly (read: obnoxious). Legend of the Legendary Heroes couldn’t hold my attention. The title is slightly redundant too.

Legendary Heroes had some interesting things going for it. The main character had the special ability to understand, deconstruct, and use any magic he sees. Each kingdom had their own special type of magic that was guarded. It was similar to how military today guards their secret weapons. Well, the protagonist was able to use any and all those secrets. The protagonist is a stereotypically lazy do-nothing that is sent to find legendary magical relics.

legend-of-the-legendary-heroes-13-15The problem with Legendary Heroes is how it doesn’t focus on the interesting magic system or show any character changes. Instead it focuses on political hijinks that often left me wondering what was going on. The series had a poor habit of introducing characters and kingdoms suddenly and resolving the “conflict” in a single episode. Supposedly the conflict lasted for weeks or months; although, the viewer would never guess this without the characters mentioning it. What happens in just a single episode could easily span a season if done well. It felt like Heroes was aiming for Code Geass level complexity but didn’t have the running time or focus.

legend-of-the-legendary-heroes-part-1-4Characters were regularly introduced seemingly at random without any foreshadowing. Yet, the way they entered the story and knew the main characters left me feeling like I was missing something. Not to mention some of the political moves involving this characters made little to no sense.

To be fair, I only watched 8 out of 25 episodes. However, there wasn’t enough to hold my attention. I didn’t really see the next 4 episodes furthering the main story or even clarifying the main story. I couldn’t feel anything for the characters other then mild annoyance for several of them. Side characters entered the stage, died, and left no imprint on me. Often I just felt confusion: who was that? Why was he important? And the story left me without answers much of the time.

legendary-heroesI’ve seen worse anime, but Legend of the Legendary Heroes just couldn’t hold my attention. It had some interesting aspects, but they were just too underdeveloped over the course of the eight episodes I watched.

4 thoughts on “Legend of the Legendary Heroes”

  1. Well, Yeah! I guess because unfortunately this anime suffered from a relatively low budget, misinforming title, a first episode that did not do the series justice and a late night time-slot, sales were not particularly outstanding and it could not hold the attention of many (like you! ). Though, I really enjoyed this series and hope that a second season would still be on its way despite all the factors denying it.

    Here, read my review on this anime – http://www.animecataclysm.com/2014/10/review-legend-of-legandary-heroes.html It might change your view regarding it and you might continue it. 🙂

    1. The anime had potential, but the rushed feeling it had hurt it in my view. I prefer a more sedate pace without tangents at odd times. Shonen in general is bad about poor story structure: backstories during fights, unrelated tangents and similar pitfalls.

  2. Wait, I’m confused. You somehow got through Geass but couldn’t get past 8 episodes of this? That’s weird, man. Geass was the same thing – artificial complexity. The only difference is that it tried to mask that with silly bombastic sequences, so I guess that’s why? Also: there was plenty of character development, it was just told in the “contrast how they are now with this backstory segment, and you’ll eventually see how they got here from there” type.

    1. I was able to follow Geass better than this anime for some reason. This anime felt…disjointed to me. Perhaps it was because of the timing of the back story segments. I watched Geass fully expecting the bombastic sequences. It was a mecha, after all. That is what the genre does. I didn’t develop any attachments to the characters of Legendary Heroes, unlike some of the characters in Geass. It is mostly a matter of taste. I tend not to like silly main protagonists. Serious protagonists with a sense of humor, sure. I tend to like world building in fantasy stories. I saw little of that in Legendary Heroes. Rather kingdoms were just kind of thrown at me rather than developed.

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