Samurai Harem

Samurai HarumThe title of this anime pretty much explains the show. As anime goes, Samurai Harem is junk food. It isn’t very filling and actually doesn’t taste all that great, but I watched it anyway.

Samurai Harem starts with Yoichi Karasuma being sent out of the mountains by his father to train at a dojo owned by one of his father’s friends. In typical harem fashion, the dojo is ran by a gaggle of sisters without an adult in sight. Yoichi has never left the mountains. Much of the comedy centers around his first foray into a modern city and his first encounters with girls. Yoichi trained as a samurai in various “wind” techniques. He carries a wooden sword at all times (which can block even metal blades) and speaks in an old fashioned formal style.

Well, you can probably see where this is going. Yoichi is quickly labeled as a pervert through constant misunderstandings and antics that inevitably leads him to grab of handful of the many bathycolpic (an academic word for big boobs) girls and end up with his face between a girl’s legs. Honestly, the only attractive design of the girls was Ayame Ikaruga, one of the sisters. She was nicely proportioned (read: not top heavy).  However, her character was a bit abrasive; she was one of the best developed of the sisters because of her relative complexity.

Samurai Harem Ikaruga GirlsHonestly, there isn’t much to say about Samurai Harem. It is fairly typical (from what I have seen of comedy focused harems) and without much story. The main storyline deals with Ibuki Ikaruga and a promise made between her and a dojo student back in their elementary school days. It came completely out of the blue and felt contrived just to make the usually strong Ibuki into a damsel in distress for Yoichi to save.

Samurai Harem does have heart. The sisters care deeply for each other despite their bickers. Yoichi, despite his newly found perv-tendencies, has a compassionate heart. He tries to always do the right thing.

Samurai Harem is 12 episodes of mildly amusing antics. It isn’t one to go out of your way to watch. If you feel like eating lighthearted candy with a mildly amusing flavor, it is alright. Just don’t come in with expectations. Of course, harem lovers may enjoy the antics as a break from the heavier shows out there. The show amused me enough to watch all 12 episodes, at least.