Alice in the Country of Hearts

How would you like to play a game? Alice has been kidnapped and brought to Wonderland against her will. The only way she can go home is to play a game she doesn’t  know the rules to. To top it off, the inhabitants of Wonderland have a nasty habit of shooting first and asking questions later. And everyone is slowly falling in love with Alice. Wonderland is not all it seems. The characters appear to be pawns in the game as well.

Because I love Alice in Wonderland I am biased to love all things Alice. I just started reading the manga, Alice in the Country of Hearts. It is only 6 volumes long. My favorite thing about this Tea PartyAlice, is that she is not brain dead. She believes she is in a dream dictated by her subconscious. Will she realize that Wonderland is not a dream? This series puts a good twist on Wonderland. There is violence, love, and conspiracies…. what more could you ask for?



  • Sounds awesome! I love the white rabbit <3

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