Anime Annoyances 2: Fan Service and High School

A lot goes on in the high school walls....Far too many anime series take place in high school. Couple that with frequent fan service and I am left squirming uncomfortably. Fan service is when an anime “gives fans what they want.” Fan service can include long, full shots of robots in mecha (mmmm look at that tall, pulsing steel tower of a robot…just throbbing with power!) ,lengthy graphic scenes of violence, and the more common sexually oriented shots of favorite characters.

Fan service can also include references to other anime/manga.

Fair is fair right?

Sexually oriented fan service goes from nudity to sexy outfits – often maids and nurses. Up-skirts panty glimpses are common in shonen. Shoujo, manga/anime oriented to females, also has their own fan service. It often includes accidental kisses and various states of male undress.

Anime also loves the high school scene. It is understandable since high school is something adults and teens both identify with, but it is so tired! Most anime that makes it over here in the States has a teenage protagonist. A good portion of the show takes place in or around their high school. At least some of the series keep most of the storyline out of the school. Many, particularly the slice of life anime, have the entire story unfold in school.

Anime that doesn’t take place in high school really stand out. We need more shows like Spice and Wolf, Ghost in the Shell, and Samurai Champloo in the US.

After 50 shots like this....*Yawn* just get on with the story already.

Well, since most anime has fan-service and takes place in high school with underage teenagers…. yeah I don’t like watching an anime that makes me feel like a pedophile. High School of the Dead became unwatchable with all the constant panty glimpses and sexuality.

They are all freakin’ underage! It’s a pity because HOTD was an interesting take on the zombie genre.

I know the Japanese have a different view of sexuality than us prudish Americans, but, come on, when the storyline is hijacked by constant fan service it only shows the author can’t write without stereotyped conventions. Every once in awhile is fine, but not ever other scene.

Mmmm. Look at that hot, steamy giant robot action

Fan service is all about the glimpse. It shouldn’t be constant…especially with high school anime. I don’t enjoy feeling like a dirty “old man” when I watch a show. The other forms of fan service don’t really bother me. A long, hot shot of a mecha doesn’t take away from the story (when done in small amounts). Long violent scenes are often enjoyable as long as they don’t fall into the grotesque. Dialogue fan-service doesn’t even register on my radar.

High school is stereotypical and needs a break. Fan service is fine in small doses. It is all a matter of degree.

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