Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince or Coffee Princess? Its a gender bending drama from Korea. I know its not a Japanese Drama… but there is a Japanese actor in it.

This romantic comedy is about a tomboy, Eun-Chan who struggles to support her Mother and younger sister. Mistaken for a boy she gets offered a temporary job by the heir, Han-Gyul, to the Donjin Food Corporation. The job? Pose as Han-Gyul’s boyfriend to fend off would be wives that his grandmother has set him up with. Grandma changes tactics and forces him into the family business as a small coffee shop manager. The only work experience Han-Gyul had was playing with legos…. every 13 year-old’s dream job. Eun-chan’s hard luck catches up with her and she loses her job. She asks Han-Gyul for a job at his coffee shop, Coffee Prince. And so begins a delightful tale of gender deception.

The Korean actors have a way with facial expressions. Subtle changes that convey more than words can. This drama was exciting. I laughed, I cried, I yelled at the characters to make up their minds. I knew I was in trouble when I started talking at the t.v. I think the acting was in some ways better than Hollywood.

The story is entertaining. The characters had a lot of personality. While Coffee Prince is a romance, it isn’t the mushy type.  I recommend watching Coffee Prince. It is one of the best foreign dramas I’ve watched. If your interested in watching Coffee Prince, it is on Crunchyroll.


  • I really loved Coffee Prince. No matter how many times I’ve watched it, I still laugh. Another drama that’s similar to Coffee Prince is Hana Kimi. It’s a Japanese Drama about a girl that goes to an all boys’ school disguised as a boy.

    • The gender bending of Coffee Prince made for some hilariously awkward scenes. We will have to look into Hana Kimi.

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