Halcali is an all female pop and hip-hop duo from Tokyo. Halca and Yucali have excellent harmony but are too “bubblegum” for my taste. Their album Halcali Bacon was the first album from an all female group to top Japan’s Oricon charts. The duo is remarkably flexible; they have been able to change with the tides of Japan’s teen pop preferences.

Their songs are obviously geared toward a teenage audience. Their rhythms are very similar to American teen idols, and they are infectious. Their songs often have a happy-go-lucky feel to them. They also have a self parody aspect to them. Halcali isn’t above making fun of themselves; a quality every successful artist needs.

They have produced many theme songs for anime such as “Marching March” for Pokemon Sunday, and “Tip Taps Tip” for anime Eureka Seven. “Tip Taps Tip” is one of their few songs I enjoy. It’s hopeful poppy beat makes me smile.

Halcali, generally isn’t my cup of tea. They are pretty good, don’t get me wrong. They have nice vocals and harmony. I just don’t care for “bubblegum” music. If you like upbeat pop, you will probably enjoy Halcali. I will be sticking to metal and rock.


  • There’s a really nice article about them here: http://www.mangauk.com/?p=double-trouble 🙂

    • Thanks for the link! It is a nice write up. It’s funny the difference between Japan and the US. Here in the US, musicians are often on their way out of the music industry when they do theme songs for shows and especially cartoons. In Japan, it is the way to stardom.

  • I was wondering why their name sounds so familiar. Loved Tip Taps Tip!

    • The full version of Tip Taps Tip is one of my favorites. It’s unfortunate the E7 version cuts out so much of its lovely harmonies, but I can understand not wanting a 4 minute long credit sequence 🙂

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