Midoricon 2014 Coverage Pt. 2-Interview with Marble Hornets/THAC

1095097_591822877563445_2111684502_nAt Midoricon 2014, I had the chance to sit down with Troy, Tim, and Joseph, the creators and stars of the amazing YouTube series Marble Hornets, to talk about their future projects, Luke Skywalker’s GoPro camera, and other things.

Was there any point in time that you were tired of the series and wanted to end it early?

Troy: Not end it early-

Joseph: That’s what the season breaks were for though when we were getting tired of the series to prevent burnout.

Tim: When we would have burnout, that’s what the THAC shorts were for.

Troy: Yeah they were kind of our release valve for dumb stuff we wanted to do with Marble Hornets but couldn’t.

Joseph: We never really considered ending early from being tired of it. There were a lot of times where we would go “This should just stop, this is the last entry”, but it was never under serious consideration.

What was each of your most favorite entries of the series? Either favorite story-wise or favorite to film?

Tim: I really liked 72 in Season 3-

Troy: Was that the one we threw you in the water?

Tim: No, that was the one with the multiple operator appearances we shot at my grandparents’ house. That was one of the few times where, you know, you never know how an entry’s gonna turn out with the final product with how people are going to react and whatnot, but that’s the only time I could think of when we were driving away after we were done and were like “This is gonna be pretty bad***, just trust me. I believe in this one”. I was excited about that one before we even posted it.

Troy: Was 65 the one we threw you in the water?

Tim: Yes.

Troy: Ok then 65 was my favorite because, it probably wasn’t for Tim, but just because we got to go back to Season 1 roots of “Hey this would be a cool thing to shoot, let’s do that.”

Joseph: I think my favorite actually goes all the way back to Entry #6. Just The Operator gliding across the window like that. Short, sweet, to the point. Just pretty straightforward, and not much to it. I like that.

At what point did you decide to create THAC LLC as your own company?

Troy: We were meaning to for a long time. Mostly for tax reasons.

Joseph: Conceptually, it was something that already existed-

Troy: Yeah it was just making it official.

Joseph: At one point we had a Google Doc just trying to think of a name. I didn’t realize Rocket Dog was the name of a shoe company and I really liked that one since my dog’s name is Rocket.

Tim: And then we kept the name THAC because Troy already had his Troyhasacamera channel that we started doing and we were like “We already have this and people already know this channel was here that we might as well make that our brand.”

Has anyone from the cast of Marble Hornets ever been stalked by fans?

Tim: If they’re successful stalkers we wouldn’t know anyway. But as far as I know I have not.

Troy: Our fans are very cool.

Any hints you can give me your next series, either the horror one or the comedy one you’ve talked about?

Tim: One’s gonna be scary and the other’s gonna be funny. Both are gonna be weird. I can say that.

Troy: That’s pretty much it.

Will you include your future children in any THAC shenanigans?

Troy: I guess if they’re old enough and they wanna do it I don’t care (laugh).

Tim: You did have a pretty funny Nature Break idea-

Troy: Yeah I had an idea with my kid, like dressing her up like a little Craig Digsby and be like “I found this!” Now we have to.

Joseph: Yeah hahaha.

If you could remake one movie in your own filming style what would it be?

Tim: Star Wars!

Joseph: Found Footage Star Wars? That sounds awesome. That’d be a neat concept.

Troy: Just told from the Rebel side. Oh no, it’s all told from some like, Imperial intern

Tim: No it’s told from Luke Skywalker’s perspective, but he’s like a space vlogger. Just imagine the original Star Wars, but it’s entirely from the perspective of Luke’s GoPro.

Joseph: But the problem is the GoPro would cause so much motion sickness!

Any plans for a full-length movie made by yourselves?

Troy: We’ve got some ideas, but committing to them is really hard.

Joseph: Yeah we’ve got so much on our plate already; that is a very big undertaking.

Troy: Yeah we’ve got several ideas; maybe we’ll get around to it someday.

Tim: The stuff that we come up with tends to be better in an episodic format, especially when you’re making stuff for the internet. It tends to work better and get a bigger audience when it’s in bite sized chunks. That would require us to sort of like change the way we write things.

How has your success with Marble Hornets changed you as a person?

Troy: I hope not at all!

Joseph: Yeah I feel that we’re still pretty-

Troy: Normal.

Joseph: Exactly as we were before. Just three goofy guys in the internet.

Tim: I will say that like, meeting just a variety of people from a variety of walks of life has opened my mindset over the past couple of years. This has happened sort of as I was still “growing” and forming as an adult, so I will say it was sort of informative experience.

With all the travel problems you guys had, will you be coming back to Midoricon if invited?

Tim: None of it was their fault. Once we got here it was awesome.

Troy: Yeah definitely we will!


If you want to check out the series, Marble Hornets you can watch it here.

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