The Sunshine Award Nomination

sunshine-award01Thanks to Rekari over at Shooting Star Dreamer for the Nomination! These blog awards are a great way for bloggers to get to know each other. This is my first award nomination. “You like me! You really like me!”

Reka gave me 10 excellent questions, but excuse me  a moment.

“Where was that dang-fangled thing…Blasted kids making so much fuss.” I wrestle the window open. “Get off my lawn! Darn kids playing outside. They should be inside playing video games. Seen not heard. Now, what was I looking for?”

An hour and a dozen distractions later, I return to the keyboard. “Found it. Oh! That was what I was doing.”

*Puts on carpal-tunnel wrist brace* Okay. Ready now.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

japanese-womanWell, depends on the project. For JP, I pull inspiration from history and current events in American otaku culture. And books. Lots of books. I read nearly everything. As I write this, I am reading a book about Emperor Hirohito and Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Books are a great place for ideas. Most ideas for blog posts spring to mind while I read.

Sometimes I see old photographs and wonder: Who was this? How did they live? What was their name? Such photos spark my imagination and sometimes give me ideas for books, drawings, and blog posts.

What is most important to you when it comes to anime or manga?

Two things: animation quality and character. I have a bachelor degree in computer animation. Poor animation quality distracts me. As a writer,  I enjoy good characters. Good stories are driven by interesting characters. Now, if only anime would abandon fanservice and tropes that hurt characterization.

How did you pick your blog name or writing name?

I thought about how anime fans draw energy from Japanese culture. They are powered by Japan.

Where do you wish to see your blog in the future?

I’d like to see JP increase steadily in traffic with more interaction from my readership. My goal is to teach fans about Japanese culture and break through some of the stereotypes anime encourages.

It would be great if JP helped my budding side career as an author. Most of my projects aim at my readership. So buy some of my stuff! Copy editors are freaking expensive!

Which anime character do you relate to the most?

Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist

Tough question. I would say Edward Elric from the original Fullmetal Alchemist. Not Brotherhood. That Ed is a meat head.People consider me eccentric and stuffed with information, much like Ed I guess. Like Ed, I prefer to think before acting. It is better to use intelligence to solve problems. Ed and I both look at problems from different angles. Unlike Ed, I am not loud or hot tempered, but I am short!

If you could only pick one, would you rather have anime, manga, music, or video games?

Video games. The interactive aspect of video games has untapped potential for storytelling. Video games like The Legend of Zelda inspired my imagination as a child. Of course, back in my day anime was limited to Speed Racer and Voltron so video games were better alternatives.

If you were an anime character, how would you want to look? Why?

Like I do now. I am comfortable with myself and see no reason to change. I know, it’s not the most exciting answer. At least as an anime character I wouldn’t have to worry about mussed hair!

Have you ever considered pursuing a career related to anime or Japan?

Actually yes. I am something of an academic. I’ve considered picking up a second masters degree in Japanese history. In academia, niche specialties are encouraged. I could study American otaku culture and compare it to Japanese anime culture. Japanese otaku culture differs from American.

What made you start a blog?

JP started to support my local library’s manga club. As these things often go, the club went one way, JP another. Traffic increased, and I discovered how much I enjoy ferreting information about Japan from databases. As a librarian, the blog gives me an outlet for my desire to help people learn.

What does anime mean to you?

Anime is a storytelling medium like movies, books, and other media. Anime explores worlds and ideas other media do not. Beyond that, anime is a great way to relax. The medium explores both Japanese culture and how it interacts with international cultures. I find this interaction fascinating. International marketing shifts insulated ideas. We can see this with American movies as they attempt to appeal to other cultures. Anime, unlike American movies, has always been an international medium. After all, Disney inspired it, and that inspiration mixed with Japanese sensibilities.


Reka’s questions are good; so good I will use them for my nominees.

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