Anime Breasts and the Relationship with Character Personalities

Mammoth marshmallow mounds of mammary marvelousness are a common theme in anime. It isn’t just for fan service or comedy either. Breast size is a common shorthand for characterization too.

Okay, not all the time. Sometimes the impossible gravity defying perkiness is just for guys (and girls?) to fantasize over.

What Breast Size Represents

Anime is infamous for massive mammaries, but breast size can serve as an instant characterization. Of course, sex appeal is a factor (And a source of envy for girls? My female readers will have to fill me on that one).

Large breasts are associated with the following personality characteristics

  1. Confidence. Many big boobed characters are as out there in their confidence as their bust is on the screen.
  2. Assertiveness. This is slightly different from confidence. Large Breast characters often have a take charge personality
  3. Motherly. Often these characters are protective of other characters.
  4. Open.  Like their bust, these types of characters have little to hide.
  5. Capable.  The combination of the above characteristics make these characters very capable and often take charge during problems.

Small breasts are usually metaphors for these personality characteristics

  1. Quiet. Most librarians in anime, for example, are B – A cups.
  2. Insecure. Small breast characters have insecurities and weaknesses they try to hide.
  3. Reserved.  These characters also tend to have problems associating with other characters compared to the big boobed females.
  4. Cute/Innocent. Oddly enough many of these characters are portrayed in very cute ways or have an innocence attached to them.
  5. Strong. Although it isn’t immediately noticeable small breast characters are usually stronger than their capable boobed counterparts. They are quietly strong willed and firm in their beliefs.

Of course, these are generalities. Many writers like to play with expectations.  Sometimes the innocent, cute characters will have large busts. Sometimes the small breasted characters will be the most assertive and confident of them all.

Intelligence is fairly independent of bust size. Although the large busts tend to lean more toward “air head” in their depictions. Small cups tend to be more scholarly. Big bosoms also tend to be more fun loving and outgoing.

Female characters with bust sizes that fall in the middle of the spectrum have a mix of these characteristics. They can be capable but reserved. Confident but quiet.

The larger or smaller the bust size, the stronger the character displays the characteristics associated with their cup letter.

A Few Busty Examples

She is on the grotesquely mammoth part of the spectrum

Rangiku, from Bleach, is voluptuously open minded, capable, and motherly. She is particularly motherly toward her captain, Hitsugaya. She does has insecurities, but she is still rather open about them. She likes to use her bust to toy with people.

Lust, from Fullmetal Alchemist, is open, deadly (capable), assertive,  confident, and yet in the first series oddly motherly toward Wrath and Gluttony. She uses her bust as a weapon to distract males time to time…just before skewering them.

Bleach’s Rukia is one of the small breasted characters. She has insecurities, has cute characteristics but is strong willed. Unlike most small breasted characters, she doesn’t fret over her lack of size.

Holo from Spice and Wolf is small breasted, insecure, reserved, and cute. Although she isn’t quiet by any means, her chattering is mostly with those closest to her and covers some of her insecurities. She is very intelligent.

The Breast Fetish

While cup size is a shorthand for characterization, it is also a fetish. This is especially true here in the West.  This focus has led anime cup size to grow into monstrosities to cater to the audience they are targeting. I found anime that has ample fan service (both panty and breast) tend to have little substance and fill the time with their animated soft-core.

On the opposite end we have the lolita side. Not all small breasted characters fall into this category, but we are dealing with fetishes – sexualisation.  The fetish of lolita is more toward the whole portrayal than just the cup size.

The focus on breasts has led to anime paying special focus on jiggle and other physics. It is unfortunate so much time is spent on such things instead of, I don’t know, writing a good story?

I am completely turned off by anime with large breasts. I am uncertain if it is my preference for A’s, or if it is because most anime with breasts everywhere have little story to them. At any rate, big boobs are not disappearing from anime anytime soon. It is a useful shorthand for characterization and appeals to an audience.

In anime’s favor, both large and small cup sizes are portrayed in appealing light. Neither size is shown as explicitly preferable over the other. Although anime guys go after the  buxom bosom, the small chested girl usually gets the happy ending.  Big bosoms are just more common since they appeal to a wide audience right now. It is a matter of time before culture swings back in preference to the small bust.