Anime Stereotypes: the Pervert

I am kicking off a new series on character stereotypes found in anime. One of the most common is the pervert. Just about every anime has one; although, they do vary in how overt the perversion.

The Pervert is usually the comic relief. Typically male, he is the friend or “frenemy” of the protagonist. Every Pervert has a fixation: breasts, butts, school swimsuit, or the odder panties and feet. What is the fixation on panties with Japan anyway?

I can only guess it is because of how it is such a personal article of clothing. Although oddly enough swimsuits (exempting the single piece school swimsuit, which seems to be a fetish of itself) don’t bring out the perv as much as the underskirts obsession.

The Pervert is also the punching bag for the stronger girls in anime. Much of the comedy revolves around the Pervert trying to get his jollies using various schemes only to end up being stomped (to his enjoyment) by his target. It’s a Wiley Coyote and Road Runner act.

The Pervert can be female, but this is rarely directed toward guys. The female pervert usually gropes other girls’ breasts. Think Chizuru from Bleach. The Female Pervert gets beat just as often as the guy. There is always a friend that acts as the Road Runner with these Coyotes.

There are less “hardcore” perverts: Brock Pewter from Pokemon, for example, is after every girl he encounters.

One of the most common version of the Pervert is the Perverted Priest. I don’t know if it has something to do with the contradiction of a Buddhist monk being a pervert, but in any case wherever there is a Buddhist organization in anime, there is at least one Pervert Priest. Think Miroku from Inuyasha and Keisei from Corpse Princess.

So many butts left to grope…such a little hand.

Miroku still has the most ticks on the butt grope list.

I find the pervert more tired than funny. Miroku was funny when I first watch Inuyasha, but after seeing the Pervert show up in just about every anime I’ve watched, he becomes ho-hum. Most of the jokes are templates. Scheme to see or touch, mild success, and the beating. Again, Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner.

I could do without the Pervert character stereotype. More creative comedy relief would be nice.