It is All About the Hair: Pretty in Pink

Pink Hair in AnimePink is the most complex hair color. Pink comes in 2 main shades: light and mauve.  Pink is actually related to purple, blue and also draws shades of red and white.

Light Pink

Pink is about promise. These characters are lively and have the potential for greatness. Pink is often a color for cute and young characters. They have a full life ahead of them.

Light pink can have some elements of red and white characters, but it also has some of blue’s dignity and knowledge. They inherit the innocence and purity of Whites.

A good example of Light Pink is Euphemia li Britannia from Code Geass.

Euphemia li BritanniaEuphie is a kindhearted pacifist who is full of life. As the Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire, she has more access to greatness and leaving a lasting impact than most people. In the series, she wants people to live with dignity and confidence. Her main goal was to create a special region in the Empire where people with Japanese heritage can have a name and a country of their own.


Mauve, or Hot Pink, is a shade of pink that leans more toward purple’s mix of characteristics than Light Pink. Mauve also has more of Red’s influences on its characteristics. Mauves tend to be more fight or flight and primal; they are more out for themselves than for others. These characters are often conflicted and depressed because of the internal clash of traits. They feel like they should be considerate of others (the blue influences found in purple shades), but the red side of their personality drives them to act selfishly in the end. These pinks, like their light colored brethren, are aware of themselves and their conflicted nature.

Kallen Stadtfeld

I will turn again to Code Geass for an illustration.  Kallen Stadtfeld is a Mauve that exemplifies their conflicted nature. First, she is half-Britannian and half-Japanese. One of the focus areas of the story is how the Japanese are rebelling against the Britannian Empire. She attends a Britannian school and is one of the school’s top students, yet she is also a part of a Japanese resistance cell.  Kallen is also the closest person to the series protagonist, Lelouche. She is one of the few who understands him.

She is headstrong and prone to lean on the fight side of the flight-or-fight response. She is driven by her own motives.

Pink characters can be simple cutesy characters or deep, conflicted personalities. Pink, like other blends, don’t have their own unique characteristics but are a mix of traits that make them more interesting than the pure color archetypes