Nokabe – Brain Wall

Nokabe - Brain WallNokabe, ( also called Brain Wall, Hole in the Wall, and Human Tetris ) is a game show where players have to twist themselves through cutouts in a Styrofoam wall hurtling toward them. The premise of the game is simple, make it through the cutout to score points or get shoved into a pool of water and earn nothing.Oh, and crashing through the wall doesn’t earn any points either.

The game pits 2 teams against each other. At first, just one person has to contort through a few shapes, but as the game progresses things get harder.  Add in 2 or 3 more people and a cut out that has two people throwing the third into the air…

Cutouts range from easy positions like squatting to nearly impossible gymnastic shapes, words, pop culture shapes, and just about anything else. Players only have a few moments (since the wall also speeds up each round) to figure out how to tuck themselves into a .

The show is so popular that 45 countries have their own version. Japan really is taking over the world with their quirky game shows!